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Extra Care Housing, Hawick
This project is for a 66-unit Extra Care Housing scheme in the Scottish Borders. The site already had full Planning Permission for 15 large houses prior to our involvement and the developer client asked Graphite Studio to prepare a new Planning application for care use up to a maximum of 66 units. The house foundations and floor slabs had already been constructed so the brief involved 26 units in two-storey buildings to the front of the site and a completely new 3-storey timber framed building to the rear providing 40 units and some communal facilities.

The simple palette of materials was carefully chosen to create attractive rural housing while maintaining the total build cost at a reasonable level. Render with some infill panels of natural stone is offset with a top band of timber cladding. The roofs will be in natural slate. The plots to the front of the site include two standard house types on varying foundation sizes.

The accommodation was designed in accordance with the Housing for Varying Needs Guidelines and was based on the Extra Care model which favours independent living in individual flatted dwellings rather than a residential care home model. A relatively small amount of communal and staff space is located in the 3-storey building in accordance with the normal approach to providing assistance for the elderly in Extra Care developments.

The scheme has been developed up to Planning application stage and is currently awaiting funding.

Size 4,340 sq m
Budget 5.5M / 6.1M Euros
Start October 2009