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Exteror view 1 Exterior view 2 Floor plan Short sections Long section
Intra Stand, 100% Design London
A competition entry for a trade fair stand for Intra interior design magazine.The stand’s exterior is two closed forms which fold and wrap around each other. The contents and display are fully revealed only on passing into the interior through one of two doorways. One small window opening is provided on each side to provide glimpses into the interior. A recessed space is formed in the framing around the exterior at floor level with white fluorescent strips so the stand appears to float above the floor.

The external sober appearance is created by MDF panels painted in 3 shades of grey mounted on softwood studs with 10mm shadow gaps around the edges. The ‘awkward graphics’ place the ‘Intra’ logo (150mm high) tight in the corners of each of the elevations (and twice on the main approach side).

In contrast to the exterior, the interior is a chapel of colour and light. Fluorescent strips with coloured gel are mounted on the timber studwork and are visible through opal twinwall plastic sheeting on the two long sides of the stand. The sheeting is fixed vertically by aluminium channels with exposed screw fixings and simple butt joints horizontally between panels. Graphics, articles and the logo are mounted on adhesive film attached to the sheeting in a variety of sizes. Ten 20W dichroic light fittings are recessed in random positions in the roof element of the folding form for stronger illumination on entering the stand through the principal entrance.

A long bench seat is formed from one of the folds of the exterior form and a high table is provided for recording subscriptions. Two lockable storage cupboards are provided with doors made of ‘Arco’ metal grating to allow the contents to be visible.

Budget Ł3,000 / 4,110 Euros
Start May 2002
Completion September 2002
This project was shortlisted in the competition and published in the October 2002
issue of Intra magazine.